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History and 3D might seem like an unusual alliance. However, from the 1850s through to the 1930s most middle-class Canadian homes would have had a stereoscopic viewer of one type or another and a collection of stereoview images to enjoy.  The viewing of 3D imagery was even more popular during the reign of Queen Victoria than it is today!  
Have a look through the gallery to see many antique Canadian stereoviews, as well as 3D renderings of classic Canadian works and original stereoscopic photos and art featuring historically Canadian themes. Please enjoy these historic stereo images in three dimensions as they were intended.  You'll find it's a great way to bring history alive.

      Each stereoview included here will be converted into these three different viewing formats (click for explanations) 
                      Note: to view the anaglyphs, a pair of common red/cyan anaglyph glasses will be required. 

                        On to the gallery...